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Iconiq Tech Core Services


Delivering Solutions That Support Your Business


Businesses of all sizes need a proper IT Infrastructure as its crucial to your day to day business operations. Your business needs to ask itself such questions as what happens if a server goes down, a phishing attack corrupts your email communications, your devices aren’t encrypted your laptop just won’t turn on? Not only would your business could lose valuable time and money, but can also cause reputational damage. The IT Infrastructure within your business should be well maintained, always available and fit for purpose. It should also be providing a stable platform that evolves and supports the business as it grows.

Our state of the art products and services cover the following:
  • Network Infrastructure & Design
  • Virtualisation And Cloud
  • Solutions
  • SD WAN Solutions
  • Backup & Archiving
  • Solutions
  • Print Management

Iconiq Technologies offer a wide range of IT Infrastructure Services including the design of new IT Infrastructure Solutions and enhancing existing Infrastructure setups.Our specialist IT Consultants ensure your IT Infrastructure is future-proofed and capable of achieving the long-term business ambitions as well as providing an efficient solution in the here and now. Iconiq Technologies are experts at designing, managing and implementing both IT Infrastructure and IT Security Solutions.

Iconiq Tech Core Services


Built, Managed and Protected by Security and Infrastructure Experts


Our strategic partnerships enable us to provide solutions that protect organisations against advanced persistent threats, malicious adversaries and internal malpractice.
Excellent collaboration ensures that we understand client needs and concerns from a technology and business perspective, providing peace of mind when it comes to protecting valuable information.

Our state of the art products and services cover the following:
  • Cyber Security & Analytics
  • Fraud Prevention
  • IT Governance, Risk &
  • Compliance
  • Data Visibility & Control
  • Digital Forensics &
  • Ediscovery
  • Training & Security
  • Awareness

Security-related events are monitored, correlated, analysed and fed into our Security Information and Event Management system 24/7, ensuring our security team can react quickly.

When a potential threat is detected, immediate action is taken to stop the attack or prevent a vulnerability being exploited.

Our security and infrastructure experts work with you to implement corrective action, ensuring your systems stay protected as threats evolve

Iconiq Tech Core Services


Global connectivity solutions delivering uptime and performance



Our services is a comprehensive portfolio of network services designed to deliver both the reliability and the throughput needed to deliver services to your customers or your employees wherever they are located.

Our fully managed connectivity solutions include the capacity to deliver high bandwidth media streaming applications.

Benefit from guaranteed performance; low latency; and end-to-end Service Level Agreements that cover internet connectivity. Manage and connect complex workloads cost effectively across multiple clouds and locations.

Our state of the art products and services cover the following:
  • Fibre Services
  • Satellite Services
  • Mobile First Voice over IP
  • Solutions
Iconiq Tech Core Services


Experience Digital Architecture


Let us help you on your journey to radically improve the productivity and efficiency of your business processes by integrating conventional records into a digitized system.

Our state of the art products and services cover the following:
  • Software Development
  • App Development
  • QA Testing
  • UX/UI Design
  • Web & Logo Design

The global phenomenon of digital transformation means a tectonic change in the landscape most companies operate in.

Today, there are very few products, if any, that are not affected on some level by the widespread switch to digital technologies. In industries ranging from agriculture through hospitality to high-tech industrial manufacturing, digital transformation represents at the same time a major challenge and a wealth of opportunities.

“Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to customers.”

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