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Iconiq Technologies is an ambitious company born out of a desire to create a positive impact in the lives of the people we partner with and ultimately society as a whole. The Iconiq Technologies brand embodies the spirit of Ubuntu (I am because you are), the spirit of entrepreneurship and a passion for technology.

We are a proud Level 1, BBBEE, female owned business, with a passion for the empowerment of women and for creating meaningful opportunities for women to flourish within STEM.

Our focus is to empower people to unlock their true potential through technology.   We are dynamic and innovative in our approach and we have diverse solutions tailored to suit a multitude of clients across various industries.

We strive to enhance our clients’ every day experiences and to provide excellence with our innovative and insightful technology solutions. Iconiq Technologies researches their habits,
their motives, and what they really want to achieve. Together with our clients we determine the key challenges that each individual client faces and tailor solutions to suit their unique

Our consultative approach helps our clients envision possibilities of what the future could be and we endeavour to be the driving force behind the technology which power those visions.
The dynamic and vibrant IT (Iconiq Technologies) team is comprised of individuals who are passionate about technology and the unlimited possibilities it holds to create change for the
better while upholding the values of the company.


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We believe in empowering and uplifting people, starting with ourselves, and inspiring others to feel the exhilaration of achieving the same.
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We at Iconiq Tech recognize
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and thrive on getting every aspect
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We have been delivering customer excellence in managed services for over 10 years.

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